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How to Get People to Listen to Your Music Organically in 4 Ways

Don’t beg people to listen to your music, let them find it naturally. In this video, we give you 4 tips to promote your music so that real people can find your music organically. There are more effective tips out there, but you will have to give us a call for those. 😉 Need Music Promotion? Visit:


What Music Promotion Companies SHOULD DO FOR YOU!

What Music Promotion Companies SHOULD DO FOR YOU!

Looking for Music Promotion Companies? Here’s what a Music Marketing Promotion Company Should Do For You!
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How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese TV


How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese

How to Promote my Music – First, stop advertising to your competitors. You have a lower chance of gaining real fans promoting your music this way. Instead, advertise in places where people are not expecting you to shove your music down their throats. Advertise through influencers. Don’t just pick any influencers, use the RIGHT influencers and create a strategy for your music promotion. There is never going to be a 1 “size fits all” or a 1 “prices for every music artist.” All prices are different for every artist because everyone charges different prices and not every music artist is on the same level or needs the same type of promotion. Need Music Promotion? Contact

Good Music Promotion in 2018 – You Want to Go Viral?

This is Music Promotion done right! Go Viral on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Paradym Music Group has affordable and effective promotion to make you into a viral sensation! Do you want the record labels attention or maybe you just want to make a living doing music. First you need a BUZZ ! We can get you that buzz and come up with a customized marketing strategy for specifically for your genre. Whether it’s rap, rock, country or pop, WE HAVE THE STRATEGY AND PEOPLE IN PLACE TO GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD AND GET YOU THE MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR AN AFFORDABLE Price! How to go viral on facebook – Music promotion tips – Music promotion strategies – Visit to get started Today! online music marketing – how to promote your music – soundcloud promotion IG @ParadymMusicGroup

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