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How to Work With a Music Manager


How to Work With a Music Manager

Do you need a music manager? This video will show you a couple ways to work with a manager and how to find one. There are more topics do discuss on management, but this is the first video overview. Casiino Smooth breaks down what to look for in a music manger so you don’t waste alot of time on little progress.

How Much Is Music Promotion? Casiino Answers This Question!

How Much Is Music Promotion? Casiino Answers This Question!

What’s your budget is the main question you here in the music promotion space. Casiino has an answer for how much music promotion costs and breaks down some topics that every music artists should be focused on.

Do You Need a Music Manager? 4 Tips to Get One

If you need a music manager you need to watch this video.

If you are lacking either one of these 4 requirements then you will not be able to get a manager or keep a manager. These 4 tips are general requirements that every music artist should have if they want a music manager.
1. Talent
2. Budget
3. Motivation
4.. Watch the end of the video to figure out the most important tip in working with a manager.

You Don’t Need a Record Label – You Need a TEAM! @CasiinoSmooth

I hear questions like “Do I need a record label or deal.”

The answer to that question is “Not any more.” All you need is the right people in place and this video covers a few key people that you need in order to be successful in your music career.

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