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MUSIC BUSINESS IN ATLANTA – @CasiinoSmooth (Vlog 1)

Casiino Smooth hits up Off the Porch & Rich in Faith Tv Interviews with..

music artist and ends day at a video shoot for @YungSmilez17 new single. Getting things done is not always simple and smooth. Casiino walks you through his day. Like and Subscribe for more videos like this. Need music promotion? Visit: @CasiinoSmooth @ParadymMusicGroup

How to Work With a Music Manager – Casiino Smooth


How to Work With a Music Manager – Casiino Smooth

Do you need a music manager? This video will show you a couple ways to work with a manager and how to find one. There are more topics do discuss on management, but this is the first video overview. Casiino Smooth breaks down what to look for in a music manger so you don’t waste alot of time on little progress.

Do You Need a Music Manager? 4 Tips to Get One

If you need a music manager you need to watch this video.

If you are lacking either one of these 4 requirements then you will not be able to get a manager or keep a manager. These 4 tips are general requirements that every music artist should have if they want a music manager.
1. Talent
2. Budget
3. Motivation
4.. Watch the end of the video to figure out the most important tip in working with a manager.

You Don’t Need a Record Label – You Need a TEAM! @CasiinoSmooth

I hear questions like “Do I need a record label or deal.”

The answer to that question is “Not any more.” All you need is the right people in place and this video covers a few key people that you need in order to be successful in your music career.

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