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how to promote my music

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MUSIC BUSINESS IN ATLANTA – @CasiinoSmooth (Vlog 1)

Casiino Smooth hits up Off the Porch & Rich in Faith Tv Interviews with..

music artist and ends day at a video shoot for @YungSmilez17 new single. Getting things done is not always simple and smooth. Casiino walks you through his day. Like and Subscribe for more videos like this. Need music promotion? Visit: @CasiinoSmooth @ParadymMusicGroup

How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese TV


How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese

How to Promote my Music – First, stop advertising to your competitors. You have a lower chance of gaining real fans promoting your music this way. Instead, advertise in places where people are not expecting you to shove your music down their throats. Advertise through influencers. Don’t just pick any influencers, use the RIGHT influencers and create a strategy for your music promotion. There is never going to be a 1 “size fits all” or a 1 “prices for every music artist.” All prices are different for every artist because everyone charges different prices and not every music artist is on the same level or needs the same type of promotion. Need Music Promotion? Contact

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