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Do You Need a Music Manager? 4 Tips to Get One

If you need a music manager you need to watch this video.

If you are lacking either one of these 4 requirements then you will not be able to get a manager or keep a manager. These 4 tips are general requirements that every music artist should have if they want a music manager.
1. Talent
2. Budget
3. Motivation
4.. Watch the end of the video to figure out the most important tip in working with a manager.

You Don’t Need a Record Label – You Need a TEAM! @CasiinoSmooth

I hear questions like “Do I need a record label or deal.”

The answer to that question is “Not any more.” All you need is the right people in place and this video covers a few key people that you need in order to be successful in your music career.

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Good Music Promotion in 2018 – You Want to Go Viral?

This is Music Promotion done right! Go Viral on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Paradym Music Group has affordable and effective promotion to make you into a viral sensation! Do you want the record labels attention or maybe you just want to make a living doing music. First you need a BUZZ ! We can get you that buzz and come up with a customized marketing strategy for specifically for your genre. Whether it’s rap, rock, country or pop, WE HAVE THE STRATEGY AND PEOPLE IN PLACE TO GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD AND GET YOU THE MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR AN AFFORDABLE Price! How to go viral on facebook – Music promotion tips – Music promotion strategies – Visit to get started Today! online music marketing – how to promote your music – soundcloud promotion IG @ParadymMusicGroup

Is Branding Important for Music Artists? @Quentesential1

Do you need branding as a music artist? Que Jackson from Quentesential Branding explains how branding benefits the music artist when done right.

0:00 Who is @Quentesential1?

1:33 How is Branding different from being a Publicist?

2:56 If a Music Artist gave you money to brand them..?

4:58 How do you use Social media to push branding?

7:30 What do you do for Music Artists?

10:01 What is the goal in going to a Red Carpet event?

11:38 What is a random fact about branding?

3 Street Promotion Tips for Music Artists – Music Marketing

New age street marketing and promotion tips you will need for success. Nobody is selling mixtapes out of the trunk of their car anymore.

Use these street marketing tips in the video to your advantage and build a fan base.

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