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What Music Promotion Companies SHOULD DO FOR YOU!

What Music Promotion Companies SHOULD DO FOR YOU!

Looking for Music Promotion Companies? Here’s what a Music Marketing Promotion Company Should Do For You!
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Things Every Rapper Needs – Independent Music Artists Tips

Things Every Rapper and Music Artist Needs

This is something every Rapper needs to have in this generation if they want to be considered as an official music artist. Having this will increase your chances of going viral and success as an independent music artist. Need music promotion? Visit:

How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese TV


How to Promote Your Music NOT Using Worldstar or Say Cheese

How to Promote my Music – First, stop advertising to your competitors. You have a lower chance of gaining real fans promoting your music this way. Instead, advertise in places where people are not expecting you to shove your music down their throats. Advertise through influencers. Don’t just pick any influencers, use the RIGHT influencers and create a strategy for your music promotion. There is never going to be a 1 “size fits all” or a 1 “prices for every music artist.” All prices are different for every artist because everyone charges different prices and not every music artist is on the same level or needs the same type of promotion. Need Music Promotion? Contact

How To Know If Your Song Is a Hit – What To Do With It After!

How To Know If Your Song Is a Hit – What To Do With It After!

Is your song good? There are 2 main things you should look for. the first thing is Engagement. Not only are your fans liking, sharing and commenting, but is it organic and natural. The second thing is the Response. What are people saying about your song and how strongly do they feel about it. Are the comments “dry” such as “Nice song,” or are they strong, such as “I’ve listened to this song 30 times in a row!”

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How To Make A Hit Song – 4 Components Of a Hit Song 2018

How to Make a Hit Song

Want to make a hit rap song or any genre hit song? There are many ways to do this, but these 4 tips are the most popular as of now. Below is the breakdown of what makes a song hit in 2018.
1. Evokes Emotion
2. Make it Memorable
3. Association – Viral Power
4. Beat/Music

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Music Production and Making Money as a Music Producer @KatoProducer

Music Production and Making Money as a Music Producer @KatoProducer

Kato the Producer breaks down how to make money from producing beats. More importantly, “Kato on the Track” provides some knowledge about the music industry from a producer perspective. How you should move in the music industry, how to figure out who to work with and more!

Time Stamps:
1:10 What do Producers do?
3:23 How does a producer create their own sound?
4:45 How does a music artist find the right producer?
7:10 Should a Music artist stay with the same producer?
8:23 How can a Producer get more exposure?
10:23 How can a Producer make money?





Do You Need a Music Manager? 4 Tips to Get One

If you need a music manager you need to watch this video.

If you are lacking either one of these 4 requirements then you will not be able to get a manager or keep a manager. These 4 tips are general requirements that every music artist should have if they want a music manager.
1. Talent
2. Budget
3. Motivation
4.. Watch the end of the video to figure out the most important tip in working with a manager.

You Don’t Need a Record Label – You Need a TEAM! @CasiinoSmooth

I hear questions like “Do I need a record label or deal.”

The answer to that question is “Not any more.” All you need is the right people in place and this video covers a few key people that you need in order to be successful in your music career.

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